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Joshua J. Simon, Rehabilitation Technician
Labor Market Survey Research Specialist

Joshua Simon is currently employed as a Labor Market Survey (LMS) Research Specialist in our St. Petersburg Office. He works with Certified Rehabilitation Counselors three days per week, while attending St. Petersburg College full-time. Joshua Simon is currently majoring in Business and Marketing. He is considering a transfer to graduate school at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is a native Floridian, who was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He graduated from Dixie Hollins High School in St. Petersburg.Joshua Simon

Joshua Simon was initially employed as an Administrative Support Specialist with responsibility for working with mail-outs, marketing brochures, closed file storage and closed file shredding projects. He has developed his skills for a new position that requires his software skills and literacy skills for reporting on the results of on-line research of Labor Markets. He is now a Labor Market Survey (LMS) Specialist responsible for identification of Job Openings suitable for Disability Clients. He works with Credentialed Vocational Evaluators and Certified Rehabilitation Counselors in our St. Petersburg Office.

With Family Law Case Work and Personal Injury Case Work he will develop Wage and Salary Analysis Data in addition to the LMS Research of Job Openings. This will involve his research of the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) surrounding the Client’s residence. The entry, median and experienced wages are obtained for specific occupations. Wage and Salary Projections are researched for specific occupations throughout Florida.

Joshua Simon has developed skills with matching employment profiles of Clients with Labor Markets. He will contact employers directly to solicit current information on wages, salary, Job Openings, Job Descriptions and entry requirements for Job Applicants. He is required to complete an analysis of Vocational Capacity for more detailed comparison with Job Openings. Unique Client Profiles are developed for research, including their Physical Ability, Education, Employment Experience, Vocational Skills and Geographic Location.

Joshua Simon has become a productive member of our St. Petersburg Office. He continues to work three days per week on a schedule that is modified to accommodate his full-time college schedule. Joshua Simon has demonstrated an ability to effectively manage his part-time employment with a demanding full-time schedule as a college student. His productivity, communication skills and technical software skills on-the-job have developed and improved over the last 5 years. He has become a valuable employee in our office. We look forward to his continued work in our office as he transitions to graduate school.

Joshua enjoys spending his spare time with friends and family. Joshua has taken his on-line gaming skills to a level that challenges local and on-line gaming friends. He enjoys traveling with family, including a trip to Alaska with his cousin, aunt, uncle and grandmother. He recently enjoyed four unlimited passes for the Annual Gulf Beaches Rotary Madeira Beach Spring Break Festival. Joshua had no problem finding time to spend some of his weekend in Madeira Beach with unlimited carnival rides for himself and friends.

We think Joshua Simon may have learned how to organize, plan and manage his time years ago as a Boy Scout. He is one of less than 4% of Boy Scouts to become an Eagle Scout. He earned more than the minimum number of Merit Badges and lost count of camp-outs after 40. When you meet Joshua you can ask him how he managed to obtain letters of recognition from the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Mayor of Treasure Island and the President of the United States.


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