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Blake Mehr

Blake Mehr, BA, Forensic Vocational Case Manager
Reemployment Services Provider & Labor Market Analyst

Blake Mehr joined the St. Petersburg office of England & Associates in 2022 as a Vocational Case Manager. He has over 7 years of clinical experience, most recently in Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. He is a passionate and experienced Case Manager specializing in assessment of the needs of the people we evaluate. He has been resourceful with strong knowledge of community resources.Blake Mehr

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics at Western Connecticut State University in 2010. Blake Mehr served as an educator for adolescents and young adults. He educated and nurtured students with behavioral, emotional and psychological needs.

Vocational Case Manager, Blake Mehr, has specialized in conducting Labor Market Survey (LMS) Research to identify Employment Opportunity for Injured Workers. He has successfully identified Labor Markets for Spanish Speaking Clients, post-injury. He is able to identify practical Sedentary and Light-Duty Employment for Injured Workers within local Labor Markets near their residence. He provides Weekly Job Openings to Clients located throughout the State of Florida.

Blake Mehr has developed skill in the identification of prospective employment options for individuals involved in Civil Case Litigation. He has identified Job Openings exemplary of the local Labor Markets to assist in the documentation of wage and salary ranges for imputation of Earning Capacity. This type of LMS Research has become valuable in analyses of Wage Loss post-injury in Personal Injury Case Work. In Family Law Case Work he has been able to identify future opportunity and earning capacity for unemployed spouses.

Blake Mehr has effectively built upon successful past experience to grow with England & Associates of Florida as a specialist in evaluation of Labor Markets, Job Openings, Prospective Salary and Earning Capacity. He has become a Vocational Case Manager supporting Vocational Evaluators and Co-Workers as a Team Player. His Plan Development LMS Research has been essential in developing return-to-work (RTW) Plans.

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