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Case Management Tracking System


The CMTS program was developed following research to locate software that would satisfy the needs of a Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation practice. There are programs available for clinical case management, legal office practice and physician office practice. This software was developed by England & Associates (EA) for Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Practice and Case Managers. The Software Developer, Bill England, was previously involved with several in-house software development projects with Travelers Medical Management Services (TMMS: 1988- 1997). He served for two years as the National Director of Client Services for Careware general health medical case management software (1997- 1999).

In 2005 programming development was started to create "EA Case Management Practice Software". The software programming is now referred to as the Case Management Tracking System or the CMTS program. The Case Load, Case and Invoice functions have been operational since 2005. Programming for Case Notes, Accounts Receivable and Contacts functions were finalized in 2007. The software programming code copyright application was accepted as a Registered Copyright on October 15, 2007. The first CMTS license was sold in 2007 with installation and training. England & Associates is the sole owner of CMTS.


The CMTS program is available with a one-year support license. Installation and Training are provided as part of the original License Contract. Renewal support is available to insure continued updates with new features. The program licensure is sold as an individual license, with or without multiple site unit installation. Licensure will ensure the integrity of the software, support and continuity of updates. Annual Renewals of the License are 10% of the original purchase price. Support is suspended when Annual Renewals are declined or expire.


This software may be installed on an individual PC or Network. The installation is completed on-site by one of our Programmers. Support is provided on-line over the internet or on-site. Customizations are available with our designated Programmer. Technical Service Requests (TSRs) are addressed through England & Associates via e-mail and phone contact. Our incremental development process has eliminated recurring or long-term errors of any type. Training will address implementation, use of primary CMTS features and suggest methods for maximizing office practice and case work efficiency with case notes, contacts, invoicing and accounts receivable tracking. Enhancements for office practice and case work will be made available to Licensed Users periodically through the update process. Expired or unlicensed Users will not be supported.


The CMTS programming code was originally developed for the Windows XP Operating System. CMTS continues to work well with the Microsoft 2010 Operating System. Secondly, CMTS builds upon proven the data base software of Microsoft ACCESS. CMTS will operate with Microsoft Operating Systems (OS) through OS 2010 and Business Server 2012. It will operate with ACCESS 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2019. CMTS has been operating without interruption in a live office practice environment with 6 case managers and 10 Work Stations, 3 offices and remote access since 2007. CMTS Software Licensure is available with or without Support. This is software that will provide time and cost savings to sole practitioners and grow as their practice grows.

The greatest value of CMTS is that of reducing administrative time and thereby allowing case managers to do what they do best “provide services” to their Clients. The largest current live installation has maximized over $100,000 in invoice transactions monthly. There is technically no limit to the invoicing, case load, case or contacts data base growth with multiple users and sites. CMTS is extremely stable and dependable software programming built upon a proven operating system. This software may replace the necessity to use multiple programs to accomplish case log note documentation, Invoice creation and case load management. The CMTS program offers an opportunity to use case notes electronically as an exclusive media, supplemental documentation or in combination with other chart notes to accommodate the end Users practice objectives.

CMTS KEY CONTACT for TSRs – WOs – Sales:

Bill England

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Phone: (727) 347-0386 / FAX: (727) 345-6126

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