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Strategy for Success

England & Associates recognizes that Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Forensic Evaluation require a Medical Evaluation component. Medical Case Management Services are provided by the Nurse Case Manager, including Medical Records Review, coordination of FCEs and Medical Care Coordination with direct physician contact. Representative Job Descriptions are frequently used to confirm Work Tolerances, obtain Work Releases and insure Placement Plan Objectives are suitable and medically approved. Certain unique case work scenarios may involve concurrent services provided by the Nurse Case Manager and Vocational Case Manager to expedite achievement of desired case outcomes. Vocational Case Management will access clinical Medical Case Management Services when required for successful Rehabilitation. Medical Services will in turn access Vocational Services to initiate return to work (RTW) objectives. We see this interaction between Medical and Vocational Case Managers as an opportunity for 'positive synergy’ that has always expedited case work and insured the most successful Rehabilitation results.

Vocational Evaluation Services include use of computerized Transferable Skills Analysis, Preliminary Labor Market Survey (LMS) Research and review of Medical Records in conjunction with a ‘comprehensive’ Initial Vocational Interview. The Vocational Evaluation may require testing to further evaluate employability, develop placement objectives and determine qualification for on-the-job-training (OJT) or structured vocational training programs. The completion of a thorough Vocational Evaluation has been found ‘essential’ to development of forensic Evaluations. The comprehensive evaluation will insure that subsequent Vocational and Medical Case Management Services are focused, effective and successful.

Labor Market Survey (LMS) Research has been developed as a tool for case documentation, occupational analysis, Placement Goal qualification and development of Placement Resources. Labor Market data obtained from ‘real employers’ about ‘current Job Openings’ provides local documentation that will be case specific. Personal Injury, Dissolution and Workers Compensation case work benefit from LMS Research that will support Expert Testimony. LMS Research results virtually always provide Employment Opportunity for Clients available for Job Search and return to work (RTW). LMS Research provides employer contact data and advance information on Job Openings to prepare Clients for Job Applications and Interviews. Current wage and salary data will be developed from public resources and data banks to provide LMS Research guidelines or projections. We have found our LMS Research of local employers and direct employer contacts provide more detailed Client specific documentation and opportunity.


Florida Workers Compensation System

Reemployment Assessments:

- Initial Interview of Injured Worker
- Employer Contact
- Treating Physician Contact
- Reemployment Plan

Reemployment Services:

- Transferable Skills Analysis
- Job Analysis: On Site
- Job Modifications
- Vocational Testing
- Reemployment Planning
- Job Seeking Skills Preparation
- Labor Market Survey
- Direct Placement Services


Medical & Vocational Case Management : Rehabilitation Services

Initial Vocational Interview
Direct Placement Services
Job Analysis: On Site
Job Modification
Vocational Exploration
Vocational Testing
Vocational Rehabilitation Plan
Medical Rehabilitation Plan
IME & AME Exam Scheduling
Work Release Coordination
Medical Review of Job Analysis
Treatment Plan Review
Modified Job Development
Alternate Job Development
Medical Actuarial Review
Representative Job Analysis
Standard Job Analysis
Individual ADA Job Analysis
Labor Market Survey
Labor Market Research
Home ADA Type Modification


Vocational Expert Services & Forensic Evaluation Services

Rehabilitation Capacity Analysis
Vocational Capacity Evaluation
Wage Loss Analysis
Household Activity Lost
Rehabilitation Plan Development
Transferable Skill Analysis
Wage Earning Capacity Evaluation
Client Specific Labor Market Survey
Expert Vocational Testimony


Areas of Practice

Longshore & Harbor Workers Act
Workers Compensation
Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce
Long Term Disability
Medical Malpractice
Personal Injury
Jones Act – Merchant Marine
Federal Employees Compensation Act
Florida Workers Compensation
Dissolution of Marriage / Divorce
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability – Job Modification / Outplacement
Social Security Disability
Auto Injury / Auto PIP
ADA Job Analysis
Employer Services: Job Modification / Accommodation,
Job Analysis – Projects
Geriatric & Private Care Medical Case Management
Medical CM Services Evaluation
Certified Life Care Plans & Medicare Set-Aside Evaluations




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